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Crooked Coast Debuts Music Video for "Loose Tooth"

Crooked Coast

“I like stories,” Luke Vose says sipping a beer inside a relatively quiet Quahog Republic on Memorial Day evening.

The Falmouth native has told them over the past six months, penning stories for The Enterprise as part of a column in which he interviews local musicians – Charles Parker Walton, Michael Gabriel and Aaron Norcross Jr. have all been featured recently – about their passion for performing. “I like listening to other musicians and learning about their experiences and putting it into writing,” he says.

He also has joined a local writers group to find new ways to express his thoughts and feelings.

And of course the fun-loving guitarist and singer for Crooked Coast has his own musical outlet to showcase his storytelling abilities along with singer John McNamara, bassist Ben Elder and drummer Charles Parker Walton.

Last summer the foursome released their second album, Thanks for the Memories, complete with 13 songs that encompass a variety of genres – from dance to hip hop to reggae to rock – which are eerily reminiscent of the punk rock reggae band Sublime, set to a modern day vibe.

From its two albums Crooked Coast has been able to find a new outlet for telling stories: music videos. Two years ago the group filmed one for the melodic “Gone Without You,” from its first album, following that up last year with another for the rock anthem “Ritalin.” And the catchy, upbeat song “Down for the Count” also found its way onto YouTube, featuring clips from Crooked Coast’s tour of the US Virgin Islands in the winter of 2013.

Now the band is hoping its latest video “Loose Tooth” will make even bigger waves, using it as a way to usher in the tourist season with a premiere scheduled this Wednesday at the Falmouth Cinema Pub.

“I feel like this is a good way to start the summer,” Vose says of the event which is being organized by The Real Cape.

“I want this to be something people really remember. I want it to be crazy.”

The festivities will kick off at 9 PM with a screening of “Ritalin” before Crooked Coast plays a short 20-minute set that will serve as a precursor to the unveiling of “Loose Tooth” which was shot over a rain-soaked two-day period this past January.

The video is directed by Nicholas Santos, a former Falmouth resident living in NYC, who has shot two of the band’s previous installments.

“I’m really proud of the other two videos,” Vose says, before admitting “those were a little less planned than this one was… This looks like a film.”

Though hesitant to give too much away, Vose offers this one is “about people searching for something out in the wilderness,” and balances serious themes with more lighthearted ones.

Much like songwriting and journalism, Vose finds music videos another tool for self-expression.

“It is a lot like writing a song in a way,” he says. “It is just a different way to express yourself.”

And for Crooked Coast they have become a mechanism for finding new audiences – this spring the band was able to tour Ithaca, New York City and Boston thanks, in part, to the professionalism found not only in their audio recordings, but their music videos.

Vose hopes this will only mean bigger and better things for the band that calls Cape Cod home, but has aspirations for expanding its reach beyond this side of the canal.

“We love being from Cape Cod, but we don’t want to be known only as a Cape Cod band,” Vose says. “We are looking to become a national band that is from Cape Cod.”

For more information on tomorrow’s premiere of Crooked Coast’s “Loose Tooth” click here. If you can’t make the screening of their music video be sure to check them out every Friday evening at the Landfall in Woods Hole.

Luke Vose will perform a solo gig at Silver Shores Shanty (http://www.silvershoresshanty.com) in Falmouth Heights this Saturday, May 31 from 4 to 7 pm.