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Kickball Champion of Cape Cod is Crowned

Don Parkinson - Captain John Neill goes for the long ball to help his team win it all.Don Parkinson - John Neill Painting goes for the gusto during Tuesday's championship.Don Parkinson - Got the Runs Chuck Martinsen tries to beat the tag.Don Parkinson - John Neill, the co-captain and Cy Young pitcher for John Neill Painting, rolls a fastball during Tuesday's game.Don Parkinson - And the catch is made in Tuesday's championship game.Don Parkinson - Denise Chase of John Neill Painting shows off her championship form on Tuesday night.Don Parkinson - All-Star pitcher Brittney Enos of Got the Runs rolls the pitch to John Neill Painting.Don Parkinson - Athleticism is the name of the game with kickball and none displayed that more on Tuesday than Andrew Tubbs of John Neill Painting.Don Parkinson - Brian Jensen (right) of John Neill Painting tries to evade the throw as he runs for home during Tuesday's game.Don Parkinson - Though highly competitive, Cape Cod Kickball is all about sportsmanship, win or lose. Here John Neill Painting and Got the Runs show what it's all about: shaking hands following Tuesday's championship game.Don Parkinson - John Neill Painting celebrates their victory in the Cape Cod Kickball championship. Now the big question is: can they repeat?

Cape Cod Kickball's championship game took place this Tuesday in West Falmouth, serving as the culmination of the coed sports league's eighth season.

The match-up pitted the top two teams during the regular season - Got the Runs versus John Neill Painting , both newcomers to the league, competing for the right to be called the best kickballers on all of Cape Cod. In the end, it was John Neill Painting coming out victorious, 8-4. 


The season, which started in May, saw a record eight teams vying for the legendary Cape Cod Kickball trophy. They included the league's only dynasty, three-time champion Cape Cod Cowboys, as well as returning champ Papa Jake's. With six wins and one tie, Got the Runs, captained by Amanda Medwar, took home top honors during the regular season. They were followed by John Neill Painting which finished with six wins and one loss. 

John Neill Painting's run to the championship started with a 17-3 drubbing of the Cape Cod Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs. They then dethroned Papa Jake's, 9-3, before taking home the championship this week.

Tuesday's game saw John Neill Painting ahead throughout, though Got the Runs kept it close. Holding a 4-2 lead in the sixth, John Neill Painting exploded for four runs when Brian Jensen kicked a grand slam knocking in Heather Chase, Andrew Tubbs and Ryan Chase to put the game out of reach.

On defense, John Neill Painting was led by Tubbs, who patrolled the outfield, catching everything that came his way. John Neill and Kelli Jensen served as co-captains for the league champions. 

Interested in learning more about Cape Cod Kickball? Join their Facebook group page listed under: Cape Cod Kickball